January 2020 Newsletter

Getting Active in 2020?

First and foremost, it's a happy new year from everyone at Swindon Chiropractic Clinic!

As most of you embark on New Year’s resolutions and changes for the year, we have a few helpful tips for those who are heading to the gym or getting more active. Starting something new that the body isn’t used to doing must always be done with care.

Make sure you prepare properly, be it doing a proper warm up before the activity, planning your new running route or simply just easing into a new programme gently.

Warm up and down!

Start with a slightly easier activity like a fast walk or slow jog to warm the body up and remember to stretch those muscles afterwards to reduce the chance of muscle stiffness.

It may be cold but you still need to hydrate!

Whether you are doing exercise or back at work at the desk, keep drinking!

On your feet?

Make sure you have appropriate footwear. Unsupportive footwear could aggravate the joints in your feet and ankles and risk injury. If you are starting at a gym make sure you have an induction to explain how to use ach piece of equipment and ensure you are starting with the right weight or resistance for your level of fitness.

If you have questions don’t be afraid to ask someone!

Thinking of something low impact?

Pilates and Yoga are excellent ways to improve mobility and increase general strength for any age. It helps with balance and coordination and can be modified to suit your needs. Pilatesesprit run classes for abilities.

And don't forget.... if you have an injury or any questions, call us today on 01793 820599 and our chiropractors will be happy to help!


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