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The Swindon Chiropractic Clinic has treated over 28,000 patients.

The practice was established in January 1982 in Winifred Street in Old Town.

It took till November 1985 to attract our first thousand patients but as the success of chiropractic as a health care system became known, the number of patients we were seeing rapidly increased and we engaged our first associate in 1986.

Since that time the practice has grown to be a four practitioner practice and we have had working with us chiropractors from Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, New Zealand, Canada, Israel and Switzerland - over twenty practitioners in total, many of whom have gone on to establish their own practices all over the world.

We have now reached our 28,000th patient - in a Swindon population of 200,000. This means that more than one person in ten in Swindon has attended the clinic, firmly establishing Chiropractic as an effective and safe form of Complimentary Medicine.

To support the practitioners we also have 6 administrative staff and we have also been a training practice for the past 18 years and have hosted visits from general practitioners, medical students, GP registrars and numerous chiropractic students.

As a result of being involved in the local schools' Work Experience Schemes, a number of students have decided to follow a career in Chiropractic, attending Chiropractic Colleges in Abingdon, Bournemouth and Glamorgan.

The members of the Practice are delighted that we have been able to serve the inhabitants of Swindon so well and look forward to continuing the service well into the 21st century.


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