SCC Operational Guidelines During COVID 19

Dear All,

As we are still facing the very real threat of the Covid 19 Pandemic, procedures that respect the presence and complications of it are still a necessity.

How this relates to you as a patient is several fold:

The take away point from guidance is:

In considering the risks for Covid-19 and determining if it is safe to provide face to face care we advise that if such care is being provided that it be restricted to the non vulnerable groups at this stage and any care for the clinically vulnerable not occur. This can be kept under review as the threat of transmission reduces or the government advice alters in relation to such groups. I wholeheartedly agree with this advice, anyone with serious medical conditions/complications who are considered in the ‘vulnerable group’, that may put them at a greater risk of suffering severe consequences from the contraction of Covid-19, please stay at home.

Procedural Changes to minimise any risk to anyone that may need to visit Swindon Chiropractic Clinic for treatment during the COVID 19 pandemic. May I draw your attention to the following:

1. Practitioners
Currently there is only one Chiropractor operating, as such patients will be treated one at a time with minimal contact with others in reception waiting room areas. If the main clinic door is closed, you will be asked to wait in your car in the main car park at your designated appointment time, and I will come and collect you into the clinic. As we expand more practitioners will be present in the building, in this scenario we ask that you either pick seating which is suitably distanced from others in reception or as in the same case above, wait until you are collected if the door is closed. If the door is open, please proceed into the waiting room and you will be collected at your designated time.

2. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
At all times I will be wearing personal protection equipment (mostly disposable gloves). I will wear a face mask for concerned patients/those who request it. If you have your own PPE, may I please ask you to use it, although it is not compulsory and you will not be refused treatment if you don’t.

3. Hygiene
Every relevant surface/contact point, will be disinfected between patients, ensuring advisable strict hygiene control.

4. Bookings
There will be face-to-face interactions with a receptionist, we have a protective screen in place at the desk. Please note that the phone lines will be open at differing times in order to make appointments. Namely:

9am to 6pm on MON and WED
9am to 6:30pm on TUES and THURS
On Fridays our lines are not open/attended to.

Please use these times to call and secure an appointment. Messages may be left, and we will endeavour to respond to them as soon as is possible.

Alternatively you may email us on or message the Facebook page during the above hours if for any reason you cannot get through.

5. Payments
Payments are preferred to be taken by card (but we will accept cash if necessary). Contactless facilities are available, the contactless limit having been increased to £45 per transaction by most major providers. This provides another step in limiting the contact between the user and the payment card facilities. I or a member of staff will be present at the terminal for this part of the procedure.

6. Emergencies
I have not taken the decision to treat emergencies only, instead I will leave the ultimate decision of the necessity of an appointment to the individual who requests it. To deny anyone a treatment, should they think it necessary, because they aren't in enough discomfort, it isn't debilitating enough, etc, is not a message I'm prepared to get behind. Please assess the risks involved to yourself based on your own state of health, and know we are doing everything possible to mitigate any from our end.

7. Symptoms
If you, or a person you are cohabiting with, display any symptoms of respiratory illness/COVID 19, please DO NOT ATTEND.

Thank you for your understanding,

Christopher Biggs
Director of SCC


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